Csíksomlyó Youth Assembly

Our biggest event, held usually in the middle of August, near the Csíksomlyó Church and Monastery. It's the opportunity for hundreds of catholic 14 to 30-year-olds to meet each other in the presence of God and at the feet of the Virgin Mary. This five-day-long camp-like event is filled with different courses, presentations, conversations, eucharistic adoration, sports events, workshops, concerts and many other programs awaiting the participants.


A four-day-long intensive self-discovery training, for people over 20. The Viewpoint - Christian Summer University is the place where you can still ask questions as a young adult, where you're free to think about and debate on topics or taboos that concern your age group. Participants can get to know themselves better and experience their faith and their relationships from a new perspective, as adults.


This musical event takes place during the Easter period, and allows music groups of our diocese to meet every year. Here partcipants have the chance to form new friendships, learn from each other and experience the joy of celebrating and doing musical service together. The three days of Resurrexit include religious activities, different games and rehearsals. The final moment of the event is a holy mass, where the music groups worship together proclaiming the good news of God: Christ is risen!

With Your Whole Heart

Communities that gather in the name of Christ are undeniable treasures. We know and understand that faith practiced in a community has the power to support and sustain people, therefore the youth communities of our diocese are truly important to us. Our youth group leaders' course, entitled "With Your Whole Heart", aims to train young people to become competent and qualified leaders of these communities. During the seven weekends of the training the participants are taken care of by exemplary professionals in order to grow deeper in their faith and develop skills in different areas, for example biblical knowledge, leadership or self knowledge.