About Us

The Transylvanian Youth Ministry (or FIF, short for the original denomination) is the organization coordinating youth pastoring in the territory of the Archdiocese of Gyulafehervár, Romania.

We do our service on behalf of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Gyulafehérvár.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage young Roman Catholics from age 14 to 30 and living in the territory of our diocese, to become conscious adults who live by their faith and take their vocation in our society responsibly.

How do we operate?

We offer the opportunity to personally experience God’s presence and we seek to awaken inclination towards individual development and improvement of self-knowledge. As a means, we use personal examples and experience-based learning.

Our Values

• Christ-centeredness
• transparency and accountability
• love and respect (positive discipline)
• environmental consciousness
• precision

Our organizational structure

Ft. Csíki Szabolcs


The main decision-making body of FIF is the Presidency, consisting of the president, as well as the chief of office, the financial advisor and the organisational developer.

The Presidency is aided by the FIF Council, an elect circle of young people and priests. The Council’s role is to provide an external point of view of organisational mechanisms and events and, by doing so, help maintain the right direction in our work. Meetings are held twice a year.

Executive body

Members of the main organising team of our events make up the so-called board of committed colleagues. These members sign up for a whole year and are in charge of the coordination of a given event. Besides our events, FIF meets the board at the beginning and end of the year.

Our team of volunteers is made up of the people helping us in the carrying out of our events. Their mandate ends with the said event.

The Team

Our Office

You can find our office in Csíkszereda, on Petőfi Sándor street, no.55. At the moment four employees work here.

Their most important task is creating spiritual and financial resources for the events organised by us. Our programs and activities are mostly the fruit of the young volunteers working with us, however, our employees have a crucial role in providing a professional background and infrastructure for everything.

Borota Gábor

chief of office

Ferencz Evelin

volunteer coordinator

Borka Botond


Szabó István

visual identity